The Cool Factor of Smoking

Research Question: What makes smoking cool for teenagers? Why do some people smoke when they know it's bad for their health?

--Online Research Databases from the Library--

Google may be helpful for quick answers (What's the average price of a carton of cigarettes in Kentucky?), but databases are better for actual research. Databases link to published articles from newspapers, magazines, journals, and books not anonymous websites. Therefore databases are more likely to provide accurate and unbiased information.

Complete this tutorialabout the EBSCO Student Research Center: a database available to OBI students.

The link to the Student Research Center is (You can also find it through the library's website): (Student Research Center)


Now that you are familiar with the Student Research Center, use the database to answer the questions on your handout. Use to help you with creating MLA citations.

--Using the Library Catalog--

Go to the library's catalog. This is where you can search for all of the books the library holds. Answer the question on your handout.

--Using smart video sources--

You may not be able easily to interview an expert, but we could use a credible sources from YouTube. Think about the producer of the video (a doctor, a news agency, a university, or just some "guy"?)Watch the following videos and determine how they may help to answer our research question. After you watch the videos, answer the question on the handout.

--Other Online Sources--

You will want to judge websites by who makes them. Generally, you should consider websites that end in .gov and .edu to be much more trustworthy than .com or .net sites. GOV or EDU sites are produced by a government agency or a university, which suggests that they are more accurate than a .com, which may be written by anyone. Visit the followings websites and then use them to answer the questions on the handout.

For smoking related information, you might try: